Salem Mobile Mix

 Frequently Asked Questions *If you cannot find the answers you are looking for here, give us a call. 503-371-8084
  • How much concrete do I need for my project?

    To determine the amount of concrete required for flatwork, multiply the Length (in feet) x Width (in feet) x Depth (in inches) and divide by 324. The resulting quotient indicates the needed yardage.




  • How much area does one yard of concrete cover?

    At a depth of 4”, one yard of concrete will cover a 9’ x 9’ area. If it’s easier to calculate, 8’ x 10’ is about the same area.

  • How much does one yard of concrete weigh?

    A single yard of concrete weighs roughly two tons (4,000 lbs.).

  • What kind of quantities can you deliver?

    We deliver any quantity you need, whether it is ¼ yard or multiple truckloads. When distant projects require multiple trucks, we set up a staging area near the project.

  • Who should I call for concrete pumping?

    Call us! We have a line pump to suit most projects, otherwise we will coordinate the proper pump for your needs, big or small.

  • What are the advantages of using concrete from Salem Mobile Mix?

    Put simply, the concrete is concrete made on site until the job is done and as fresh as can be.

  • How does concrete from Salem Mobile Mix differ from other companies?

    Salem Mobile Mix has a unique delivery system that uses a meter to measure the amount of concrete that comes off the truck. This allows our customers to order a few bucketfuls or multiple truckloads without any worries about having too much or too little concrete.  As a result, you don’t have to worry about under-ordering, our trucks always carry extra to finish your project.

  • Is the concrete you provide different from that brought by barrel trucks?

    The primary difference is that our concrete is mixed on site, therefore it is fresher.  This allows more time for finishing.  The barrel trucks curing process is already underway during travel time. This may minimize the time available for finishing, and in some cases, requires the addition of extra water or admixes to maintain concrete with enough fluidity for pouring, which may reduces its strength and shorten the finish time of your concrete.

  • Is your concrete competitive with concrete from standard barrel trucks?

    Yes. We do not have a minimum order, nor do we charge a short load fee.

    Our pricing structure is a graduated scale and decreases per yard price as the yard quantity increases.